I’m Marina Assreuy, a designer and art director originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I’ve lived and worked in four different countries distributed on three continents. My natural curiosity and willingness to keep learning has led me to carry on design projects within various sectors -food, tech, cosmetics, environmental, art & culture. I offer multi-disciplinary creative services connecting brands and products to their audiences, and I love conceptualizing and creating visual expressions both online and offline applications. I strive to work with like-minded clients who are environmentally aware and committed to positive social impact. My mission is to contribute with my skills in creativity, art direction, graphic design, & illustration to make the world we live in a better (or at least a more beautiful) place.

For inquiries, collaborations and questions please don't hesitate to e-mail


Embassy of Dreams (Berlin)
Sweetsneak (Copenhagen)
GoalGirls (Berlin)
PenguinCube (Beirut)
DesignCode (Barcelona)
Minded Factory (Barcelona)


HERMANN'S (Berlin)
Isosaki (Tokyo)
Inter-American Development Bank (Washington D.C.)
Qatar Foundation (Doha)
Bahlsen (Hannover)

“Curiosity is its own reason. Aren’t you in awe when you contemplate the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure behind reality? And this is the miracle of the human mind — to use its constructions, concepts, and formulas as tools to explain what man sees, feels and touches. Try to comprehend a little more each day.”

– Albert Einstein