Could the world's first living species be the raw material of the future? HERMANN'S research pointed out that algae can make many components of our system healthier and more planet-friendly, from food products and packaging alternatives to better agricultural practices, natural skincare, or new fibers for the fashion industry.
The innovation ecosystem journeys developed by HERMANN'S consisted of contacting the most interesting companies active on the specific topic, learning first-hand about their market dynamics, and experimenting with their products, to trial it on early adopter consumers. Each journey consisted on the research of the selected topic, events, workshops and product development in their restaurant space (Berlin), as well as the documentation of insights, key learnings, consumer feedback and the production of culturally-relevant content to foster social media engagement and to build relationships with the people and companies shaping it (cultural influencers, innovation communities and VCs).


Develop a flexible and approachable visual language to package the research and insights generated by the research, events, online articles, and the Berlin-based restaurant's seasonal menu. Due to the ingredient feature and applications, the visuals style took inspiration from biology, fashion, and cosmetic fields.

Concept, art direction, graphic design of online/offline visual content: events branding, food photoshoots, website, and social media.

HERMANN'S, Claudia Gödke, Pamina Aichhorn c/o Cee Cee Creative, Jan Vu, Joel Filipe (Photography).