There is a massive potential for new developments and a growing interest in the area of nutrigenomics, gut health, probiotics, microbiome, and the possibilities in this market. Scientists are understanding more and more how food influences our gut and how it works. Bloggers, chefs, and young companies are increasingly interested in gut health and developing products foods that nourish our microbiota. The innovation ecosystem journeys developed by HERMANN'S consisted of contacting the most interesting companies active on specific topics, learning first-hand about their market dynamics, and experimenting with their products, to trial it on early adopter consumers. In the microbiome journey, HERMANN'S focused on the topic of gut health, bringing together the scientists, bloggers writing about it, chefs working with it and companies developing products, by showcasing the current state of research, introducing a wide spectrum of topics (i.e.: nutrition and health insights, products, brands, events, online articles, recipe development and implementation on the Berlin restaurant seasonal menu) to build an international network of experts and highly interested people. 

Develop a flexible, approachable, and playful visual language to package the content (generated by the research, experiments, events, online articles, interviews, and recipe development) aiming to translate complex topics related to health and nutrition into accessible knowledge for a broader target audience. 

Concept, art direction, graphic design of visual content: photoshoots, website, social media, and events series branding.

HERMANN'S, Edible Alchemy, Sweet Sneak, Carlos Meyer, Jan Vu (Photography).