Movie visual identity commissioned by Minded Factory, a global film production, and advertising company, with  H.Q. in Barcelona, Spain. The film tells the story of a Japanese woman who pursues the dark side of nature in the supernatural universe that lies beyond consciousness. It presents 9 different characters in 9 different cities, 9 states of mind and consciousness, the union of all in one soul searching to reincarnate. To do such, the soul has only 49 days and uses the pineal gland as a spiritual channel and DMT as a catalyst.

Minded Factory


Visual identity for an art movie full of bright colors and visually strong scenes, incorporating the tone – dark, dreamy, mystical, and shamanic. The visual style references Tokyo's bright neons and saturated colors. The photography, film title, and credit represent the transition of physical matter from one body to another, to reinforce the idea of reincarnation.

Visual identity, art direction assistance – photography.  
Graphic design – movie posters, titles, and credits.

Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 17.15.31Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 17.15.31